Friday, March 30, 2012

Spring Fragrance Picks...

Well, girls, spring is "in the air" and so with that come the new spring fragrances.  We all know that fragrance is such a personal choice and not all fragrances are universally flattering.  It's all about skin chemistry and what type of scent with which you like to surround yourself.  Not to mention, a beautiful bottle and an intriguing ad campaign are good selling points too :) 
So, here are my 10 personal  picks for new spring fragrances... 

1  Bulgari Omnia Coral

Floral fruity:  hibiscus and berries

Floral citrus:  rose and green citrus
2  Chloe L'eau de Chloe

Gorgeous bottle!

3  Valentino Valentina           

Floral/fruity/oriental:  white flowers, white truffles, bergamot, berries, vanilla, amber


4  Salvatore Ferragamo Signorina

Sweet floral fruity:  jasmine, rosy peony, red currant, panna cotta (sweet cream)


5  Flora by Gucci Garden Collection

Gorgeous Gardenia, Gracious Tuberose, Glorious Mandarin, Generous Violet, and Glamorous Magnolia 

In addition to the main floral notes, these five fragrances have various fruity top notes and oriental base notes.

6  EVAmour by Eva Longoria

Floral fruity musk:  bergamot, red currant, pink florals, musk (exclusively launched on HSN on March 29th). For every fragrance purchase, $1 is donated to the Eva Longoria Foundation.

7  Ralph Lauren the Big Pony Collection

Big Pony 1 ~ blue bottle; a sporty citrus floral with grapefruit and blue lotus.
Big Pony 2 ~ pink bottle; a fruity floriental with cranberry and Tonka mousse.
Big Pony 3 ~ yellow bottle; a “free spirited” scent with pear and mimosa.
Big Pony 4 ~ purple bottle; a floriental with wild cherry and purple amber.

Floral woody musk:  rose, pink pepper, musk
8  Lancome Tresor Midnight Rose


9  Calvin Klein Eternity Summer 2012   
                   Inspired the reflection of sunlight on the ocean surface 
Floral:  orange blossom, bergamot, white peony, gardenia, pear

Sweet floral woody:  violet leaves, peony, musk
10  Lanvin Jeanne Lanvin Couture

Fruity floral:  pear, lime, orange blossom, honeysuckle

 ...and an 11  Van Cleef and Arpels Aqua Oriens

Inspired by blue lagoons, the stopper is created to resemble a blue/green gem...

Which are your favorites?  Any other recommendations for spring fragrances?  I would love your feedback! :)

Follow the blog next week for the debut of a new weekly post called Cathy Covets...
The first installment will be introducing a new handbag collaboration...amazing bags!

Have a great weekend! 

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Toe Ring Time! 

Yes, ladies it's that time of year again...

I know some of you wear your toe rings year round.  There was a time when I was one of those people, but  over the last couple of years I have waited until that spring fever feeling hits full force, and then I let the toe ring party begin!  This past weekend just happened to be that time.  With spring pink on my toenails, I introduced my toes to new sterling silver toe rings.  I have had these three babies in my jewelry box for a couple of years, but have never put them to use.  Now is the time!

The new sterling silver toe rings!  Happy feet!

You can wear just one toe ring, or one on each foot (which is my usual style), but it is much more fun to wear multiples!  Try stacking them or wearing two side by side.  If you are really adventurous, go for three!   However you wear rings on your fingers, wear your rings on your toes.  There are no rules...

Rockin' two side by side!
There are many styles available: solid bands, stretch rings, dangling charms, stones, ankle bracelets with toe ring chain attachments, etc...the list goes on and on.  Other than stretch style toe rings which have flexibility, most styles are a "cuff" style with an opening on the underside to allow for adjustability.  Therefore sizes are not necessary.
Also, the big toe ring is a fun alternative. is a good source for big toe rings.

Stacking my toe rings :)
Crochet toe rings  set of 5 ($10)
Sterling antiqued floral toe ring   ($19)
Sterling smiley face toe ring   ($21)

Snake toe ring  ($16)

Have fun with your toe rings!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Natalia Vodianova: Spring 2012

I have to say that I am happy to see my all-time favorite model, Natalia Vodianova, working three new ad campaigns for Spring 2012: Stella McCartney, Stuart Weitzman, and Guerlain.  Most likely you are familiar with the Russian model whose face has graced the fashion world via runway, ad campaigns, and magazine covers over the last decade.  Although she has not been a "big name" fashion model per say, she has maintained a steady career in the modeling industry.  What has always fascinated me about her as a model is her ability to simultaneously convey the look of innocence and intriguing combination.

Also, a look at Natalia's Vogue Paris magazine cover and Vogue USA magazine article (both March 2012):

Vogue Paris (March 2012)

 A look inside photographer Mario Testino's L.A. home...Vogue USA (March 2012)

So that is Natalia Vodianova in 2012...

Where did she get her start?  Born in Russia in 1982, she moved to Paris and became a professional model by the age of 17.  Her early modeling years included ad campaigns for Calvin Klein, and her first Vogue USA cover was in September 2004.  Since then she has achieved success in runway, editorial, and advertising campaigns.  In my opinion, some of her most amazing modeling work was during her early career when her photos conveyed innocence and dreams with a hint of sensuality.

A few of my favorite Natalia photos through the years:
Runway and Ad Campaigns...
Pepe Jeans Ad Campaign F/W 2001
Zac Posen Runway S/S 2003

Anna Sui Runway S/S 2003

Roberto Cavalli Runway S/S 2003
Marni Runway S/S 2003

Roberto Cavalli Runway S/S 2003

Calvin Klein Euphoria Ad Campaign 2005

CK Jeans Ad Campaign S/S 2007

David Yurman Ad Campaign F/W 2007

Chanel Ad Campaign S/S 2008

Guerlain S/S 2009

Etam Ad Campaign F/W 2010

Roberto Cavalli Runway S/S 2011

Guerlain Ad Campaign S/S 2012

A few final miscellaneous photos...                                              

If you would like to view more photos of Natalie,  Natalia Web  has over a thousand photos!  I highly recommend!  Many of the photos in this post were courtesy of that website.

Enjoy the photos and have a great weekend!