Friday, February 17, 2012

Is Everybody Ready for the Horizontal Shower?!

Yes, it's true...the horizontal shower has been launched by German company, Dornbracht, at a trade show in Switzerland.  This may not be the most practical or functional idea, but it is definitely creative and luxurious.  It's as easy as lying down on a custom, marble platform that juts out of the wall at a 90 degree angle and turning a few dials.  Enjoy!

 This sideways shower has 6 programmable shower heads that operate using the ambiance tuning technique (ATT).  ATT allows the user to control the intensity, burst frequency, and temperature of each of the 6 shower heads by adjusting the row of dials on the wall.  The idea is for the user to roll over onto his/her back halfway through the shower in order for the jets to wash the front of the body.   

So, thoughts?  Number one...pricing has yet to be announced, but undoubtedly will be skyhigh.  Functionally, for the purpose of an actual shower, it has drawbacks:  the soaping up process (unless it is built into the system, similar to a carwash?), rinsing, hair washing, not to mention space required.  What about the comfort of lying on a marble slab?  On a positive note, although it may not be practical in personal residences, it may have it's place at spas and resorts.  No one can deny the luxurious, pampering, massaging benefits of this design.  Hmmm, someone let me know when one is available! 


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  1. Would be nice to take a nap in the shower every day - but I may never want to get out -- and as you say, I may not be clean with lack of soaping and washing my hair! :)