Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Allure of Fragrance Jewelry

I am excited about one of my newest discoveries and felt compelled to share...It's all about Fragrance Jewelry.  Thank you, Lisa Hoffman!  The founder and owner of Lisa Hoffman Beauty (and wife of actor Dustin Hoffman) started her company in 2007 with skincare and beauty products specializing in fine fragrance.  She introduced her scent infused jewelry line for 2012 --- the Lisa Hoffman Fragrance Jewelry collection

The line of distinctive jewelry is comprised of necklaces and beaded bracelets each with a precious metal-plated round charm encasing spherical wood beads infused with fragrance that slowly release perfume as they are exposed to air.

 "Wear fragrance your way" ~ Lisa Hoffman's mantra...This concept is a stylish way to personalize your scent and look.  It captures the beauty of wearing perfume without it ever touching your skin.  The fragrance is in the charm...It's perfume, but she reinvented the packaging!

Fragrance Beads $20
The eco-friendly wood beads are available in all five of Lisa Hoffman's signature fine fragrances -- Japanese Agarwood, Tuscan Fig, French Clary Sage, Madagascar Orchid and Tunisian Neroli. Each piece of jewelry comes with a jar containing enough scented wood beads to refill the charm six times, which is the scent equivalent of a full bottle of Lisa Hoffman fine fragrance. The jewelry's fragrance factor can be refreshed approximately every two weeks by opening the casing and replacing the beads.

Japanese Agarwood :  Unique Woody Zest
Honey-toned noblesse wood beads, brass spacers, blue aventurine beads and an antiqued bronze-plated charm encircle the Japanese Agarwood bracelet, mirroring the fragrance’s woody, soulful scent —accented with the refreshing zest of bergamot, serene spiced ginger and warm amber.

Madagascar Orchid :   Exotic Modern Floral
Cream-colored tanoak wood beads, gold-plated brass spacers and a brushed gold-plated charm embody the exotic, green floral scent of Madagascar Orchid, which comingles notes of sheer jasmine, ylang dew, mimosa mood and pink peony.
Tuscan Fig :   Sophisticated Sweet Essence
Amber-hued resin beads intermingle with rose gold-plated brass and howlite stone beads and a rose gold-plated brass charm to evoke the rich, gourmand scent of Tuscan Fig, comprised of fig, vanilla bean, honeysuckle and coconut wood.

Tunisian Neroli :   Sensuous Classic Floral
Red jade juxtaposed with a 14-karat gold-plated charm and beads echoes the intoxicating scent of Tunisian Neroli, a blend of precious neroli flower, ylang ylang and golden amber that’s both classically feminine and utterly modern.

French Clary Sage :   Clean Watery Linen
Green-tinted jade beads, an oxidized sterling silver-plated charm and silver beads reflect French Clary Sage’s fresh, sophisticated blend of clary sage, cotton and watery floral notes.

 (Scent descriptions c/o Lisahoffmanbeauty.com, images c/o hsn.com)

You can find Lisa's fragrance jewelry on her website lisahoffmanbeauty.com.  As of last month, Lisa has started a fragrance jewelry collaboration with shopping network HSN.  Her bracelets and necklaces are currently available for $49.90 on the HSN website.

Thoughts?  Which would you choose?  Would you try a bracelet based on the scent or on the look of the bracelet?  I like the stacked look.  After all, we women love our arm candy!  If you stack a few, you could either use the same scent in each bracelet or mix a couple of scents to create your own fragrance.



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