Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Dick Clark's "Flintstone" Home

Dick Clark's "Flintstone" Home

I saw a news article several days ago about Dick Clark's "Flintstone" home being put on the market for $3.5 million dollars.  As an architect looking at these pictures, I was just in awe of the design of this house.  Dick Clark is in the news again today, but this time for the sad news of his passing.  

I, along with many, grew up with this vibrant man who brought us American Bandstand, Top 40 countdowns, game shows, and of course the annual New Year's Eve countdown celebrations.   He has impacted many of our lives from childhood to today.  So, I am sharing these amazing pictures of his "Flintstone" home as a tribute to this great legend...and because they are just incredible!

 "The prehistoric design was dictated by circumstance" ~ architect Phillip Jon Brown

The 23 acre site is located next to the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreational Area which originally objected to the house on the property.  The concept was for the house to look like a rock formation so that the park conservancy would allow the home to be built.  As you can see, it all worked out well.

In the words of a legend,  "For now, Dick long".  He will be missed.


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  2. so sad that he passed. that house is amazing...i've NEVER seen anything even close to it! it almost looks like bones to

    xoxo, jenn
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