Monday, January 21, 2013

Prabal Gurung for Target

Ok, girls, start saving your money now because I really believe that this collection is going to be a winner!  The colors, the prints, the!...and, aside from the blue leather jacket priced at $199.99, the majority of pieces are under $50!  The 80+ piece collection, including accessories (shoes, bags, and jewelry) will be available online and in stores on February 10th.

Take a look at a large representation of the collection from the Lookbook...

Sleeveless blouse in First Date print, $26.99; pleated skirt with lace in Sulfur print, $29.99; lace miniaudiere, $34.99; floral earrings in Dresden blue, $14.99; bangles, $16.99 each; wedge sandals, $29.99
Short-sleeve dress in First Date print and black, $39.99; miniaudiere in Nolita print, $34.99; floral necklace, $39.99; crystal teardrop pendant necklace, $19.99; wedge sandals in Apple red, $29.99
Dress in First Date print, $34.99; miniaudiere in Nolita print, $34.99; floral earrings, $14.99; crystal teardrop pendant necklace, $19.99; crystal teardrop necklace, $39.99; flat sandals, $29.99
Leather jacket in Dresden blue, $199.99; sleeveless tee in First Date print, $26.99; pleated skirt in Nolita print, $29.99; flat sandals, $29.99
Lace front blouse in white, $34.99; shorts in Floral Crush print, $26.99; crystal teardrop earrings, $16.99; lace-up pumps, $39.99
Ruffle dress in Sulfur Spring, $39.99; lace miniaudiere, $34.99; lace-up pumps in Nolita print, $34.99
Blazer in Floral Crush print, $49.99; long-sleeve tee, $19.99; shorts in Floral Crush print, $26.99; crystal teardrop pendant necklace, $19.99; ankle-strap pumps, $39.99
Dress with full skirt in Floral Crush print, $49.99; ankle-strap pumps in Sulfur Spring, $39.99
 Peplum top in Floral Crush print, $29.99; ankle-strap pumps in Sulfur Spring, $39.99
Cardigan in Dresden blue and Calypso coral, $32.99; sweater in Dresden blue/Atlantis, $29.99; tank top, $19.99; miniaudiere in Nolita print, $34.99; ankle-strap pumps in Apple red, $39.99
Sleeveless dress in Dresden blue, $44.99; lace miniaudiere, $34.99; ankle-strap pumps, $39.99
Ruffle dress in Apple red, $39.99; lace miniaudiere, $34.99; bangle in Calypso coral, $16.99; crystal stone cutout bangles, $24.99 each; crystal stone ring, $14.99; lace-up pumps in Meet The Parents print, $39.99
Dress with full skirt in Apple red and black, $49.99; crystal stone cutout bangle, $24.99; crystal stone tassel earrings, $16.99; lace-up pumps in Meet The Parents print, $39.99
Lace blouse, $29.99; skirt in Meet The Parents print, $29.99; crystal teardrop earrings, $16.99; bangle in Calypso print, $16.99; lace crystal stone bangle, $29.99; crystal stone cutout bangle, $24.99; lace-up pumps, $39.99
Pintuck dress, $49.99; lace miniaudiere, $34.99; floral earrings, $14.99; ankle-strap pumps, $39.99 
Lace-up pumps in black, Nolita print, and Apple red, $39.99 each
                                  (images via Refinery 29)

Sooo many beautiful pieces in this collection.  Do you agree?  Which are your favorites?  The floral print pieces and the red dresses have captured my attention :)

Have a fabulous week!


  1. yep these are all on my list! Xo Megan,

  2. I am sooo excited:))! So many gorgeous pieces! Target is going to be madness!!

  3. Those outfits look so fabulous!
    I am loving the colors and prints on them.

  4. I love Prabal Gurung so much. He is very talented.
    These outfits are so interesting and very stylish. Love these colors too.
    Nice post.

  5. He's gonna give a lot of brands a run for their money. Already loving everything !
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  6. Do you really still find the thrill in these designer collabs? I feel like the novelty is starting to wear off, sometime after the Versace h&m and missoni target collab I just didnt feel as wowed. But I will say that I do like this line, ESP the lace up pumps. My target still has neiman collab pieces....sigh.....

  7. I think the Pintuck dress is really cute but overall I'm not wowed by this collection.

    The Tiny Heart
    January Group Giveaway!

  8. Soooooo excited for this collaboration!
    I need the red and black dress!


  9. Super excited for this line to come out!

    Rachel Ashley

  10. The shoes in the last pic are really amazing!!
    Thanks For the comment :)

  11. totally like the collection :)

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  12. I live half way across the world, so I'll just drool over my keyboard while I'm dreaming of that Floral Crush print dress! x

  13. Can't wait for the collection to be in stores I am gonna grab those Nolita print shoes for sure.

  14. So I found you on from your comment on fierce fabulous fun and I had to see what blog you were working with here and had to follow you. Love your blog I am seriously getting these shoes what a good price and I love all the colors!
    Your newest friend,

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  16. My gosh, these prints are gorgeous!! Definitely going to save my pennies for this collection.

  17. i love this collection,the colours are amazing,the shapes are perfect,the shoes are gorgeous and the prices fantastic!!!!!!!!!!love and kisses!

  18. I am waiting patiently for Target to open in Canada in the spring for so many reasons, now this is just more amazing thing! Love these clothes!

  19. Wow! These are amazing pieces. Definitely might pick up a few items from here=]. Love the floral dress and the blue leather jacket!


  20. amazing inspirations, great blog and nice post.Ofc I'm your new follower! HDon't forget to visit my blog too!

  21. Wow, this is by far the best Target-designer collab. The full-skirted dresses are absolutely fabulous, need to get my hands on them as soon as they come out!!

  22. Oh, how I'm in love with the first look and the Floral Crush look! I've been eying this collection almost every day since the lookbook came out, I truly hope I can get my hands on some, which may not be so easy from here :-)


  23. Amazing prints!

  24. i love the neon yellow and blue! poppy colors are the best. they turn heads!!

  25. I can not wait until this collection hits stores!!


  26. such a cool collection!

    Hybrid Hunter

  27. ooh i really like the collection!! i love all the bold prints :D

  28. hey Cathy
    amazing post...i am eagerly waiting for feb 10th..i too have my eye on the red dress
    i am following you hope you return the love and follow me back too and thank you for the lovely comment
    love Vikee