Friday, May 4, 2012

Cathy Covets...A Glamorous Closet

Cathy Covets...A Glamorous Closet

So, I finally started my closet reorganization for but tedious.  I think about all the options available given unlimited space limitations.  What would I want in my ultimate closet???
Aside from the obvious wall to wall hanging, shelving, and drawer space...

  • Center island
  • Seating - settee and a couple of chairs
  • Full length mirrors - wall and free standing
  • Vanity table
  • Lighting - over the island chandelier, spot and track style lighting (no fluorescent)
  • TV 
  • Dress form/Mannequin
  • Jewelry armoire
  • Rolling rack
  • Ladder and stool
  • Professional steamer
  • Faceouts
  • Built-in laundry bins
  • Wood floor with a plush rug

Am I asking for too much???
Some inspirational photos...

Fergie the round upholstered seat

Jessica Alba the space to hang hats...I would use this for scarves and belts

How to display shoes to conserve space and better visualize selection

Mariah Carey the seating, natural lighting, and faceouts

Oprah the wood in the center island is a cleaner look

Kimora Lee Simmons the curvature of the room and the angle of the shoe shelving to improve visualization

Olivia Wilde the vanity, black chandelier, and plush rug

Christina Aguilera closet...just wow!

Built-in TV over a full length mirror...yes!

A black walled closet...a contemporary alternative to traditional white or natural woods...definitely requires alot of natural lighting.  All of my black clothing would get lost in the mix...darn.

Loving the lighting and metal rods.  Metal rods allow hangers to slide easier and cause less scratching than wood.

Good way to utilize corner space...or possibly a mirror here?

Utilizing space for jewelry...or a freestanding armoire?

Another jewelry storage option

Over the top?!
Thoughts?  I love elements of all of these!  The best overall layout for hanging and shelves is probably a combination of the one with the corner storage and the image above that.  Personally, I would probably start with that as a base and then incorporate several of the other ideas that I listed at the top of this post using these images as a guide.  I would love to hear your thoughts and see pics of your closets!

Have a great weekend!


  1. These are so fun to look at! Some of these look larger than my entire apartment!

  2. I can not wait to revamp my closet! I love this inspiration :)


  3. Oh man! I have 2 super tiny walk in closets so just looking at these photos is almost making me cry...they're probably the size of my entire condo! I would love a center island with a chandeliar in my closet one day.

    1. I feel ya Bess!

      Lucky, he gave me 3 closets.. still doesn't seem to be enough though! =)


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  4. I would kill for a glamorous closet! I'm with Bravoe Runway...not a lot of space in this SD apartment! :/


  5. Oh darling, you make me dream big dreams for closet! I love Kimora's… so elegant and clean!


    Twenty York Street
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  6. You are making me want to redecorate my closet now! It could definitely use a makeover.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  7. Thanks so much sweetie, wish you a lovely day:)