Tuesday, May 1, 2012

HomeMint: Home Decor

HomeMint:  Home Decor by Justin Timberlake and Estee Stanley

First there was JewelMint, then came StyleMint, then there was BeautyMint, and then came ShoeMint.  Now, for us interior design lovers, there will also be HomeMint.  Similar to the other Mint lines, this collaboration will be between a celebrity and a seasoned industry professional.  Enter Justin Timberlake and interior designer Estee Stanley.  The collection is set to launch on May 9th exclusively at HomeMint.com.  

Members pay a monthly $10 fee to enjoy discounts and early access to new products.  Membership isn't required to shop the site, but paying the monthly fee entitles members to discounted rates on the site's products.  The monthly membership fee may be applied as a credit towards a purchase.  Product pricing will range from $10 to $10,000 for one-of-a-kind pieces.  I signed up for the early VIP access just for fun!  You can do the same here and be entered in a contest for a $10,000 shopping spree...why not, right?                          

Some pieces are designed by Timberlake and Stanley and others are curated from companies like Canvas.  Both JT and ES cite European decor and the blending of antiques and modern architecture as their inspiration.

"With HomeMint, Justin and I are not only designing collections together, we’re also introducing people to exciting new artists and artisans that they may not have been familiar with before and then curating a collection from that," Stanley explains. 

Timberlake also adds, "I want to give emerging artists a chance to have their work showcased and discovered by our members." ~ Interview with Stylelist Home

Here a couple of the just released teasers...

New Wave Art by Sage Vaughn ($150 members / $200 non-members)

Moroccan Antique Rug ($1150 members / $1450 non-members) on top, Hand-knotted Turkish Rug ($1600 members / $2160 non-members) on bottom
                                            Images via Elle Decor

So, what do you think?  For me, it's difficult to get a real feeling from just these few images...but I will definitely spend some time perusing the website on May 9th.  Hope you check it out as well and let me know your thoughts now and then!




  1. I definitely want to check this out. Should be interesting!

  2. It looks pretty good!! I will surely check that out! :)

    Kisses, Lucy!

  3. That rug looks amazing, as does that wall art!

  4. I can't wait to check this out!


  5. Thanks so much for sharing sweetie! Wish you a lovely weekend!

  6. Enough of these mint brands! HAHA! I think for home decor I still prefer to see it in person first. I live in a 1 bdrm condo so space is limited...